Shaw Tool

Shaw Tool Portable Drill

Shaw Tool Backpack Drill is an unique portable drilling equipment solution, made in the USA and used for :

  • Precious and base metal investigations
  • Academic Investigations (petroleum source, reservoir, cap rock investigations, paleomagnetic studies, hydrogeologic investigations including monitoring well installations)
  • Environmental, geotechnical investigations (can be used difficult of access locations behind buildings, fences and walls, trees, escarpments and much else);
  • Construction (it can be used for steel fence post in rock installation, concrete and rock demolition with the use of explosives)

Shaw portable core drill equipment is presented as kits of tools and these by drill string outside diameter of 25mm, 41mm and 51mm. Each size of kit has its own advantages. 25 mm equipment is lighter, faster penetrating, uses less water and is less expensive than 41 mm or 51 mm tools. 41 mm equipment produces larger diameter core, is smoother cutting in interrupted cuts than 25 mm and is less subject to drill string bending. 51 mm equipment produces the largest core and can be used for the installation of monitoring and domestic wells

The equipment weights about 20kg and can drill up to 23 m. Pricing for the standard unit, capable of drilling up to 3m deep, ranges from $3,000 to $5,000 depending on the drill size.

We are Shaw tool Authorized distributor and take care of our valuable customers mainly in Western Canada and Africa. However, we will be pleased to serve any customer round the world.

We are located in Abbotsford, BC, out of Vancouver, please feel free to visit us. We carry spare parts on major components and also provide rental of the equipment for customers trying out the backpack drill or doing quick investigation drilling.

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